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Automated Migration Process

eMigrateSecure™ automates the migration process, ensuring a smooth and expedited transition with reduced manual efforts. Our tools seamlessly move Identity Management data from on-prem systems to the cloud.

Security Measures

Utilizing advanced security protocols, including Extended Validation (EV) and Certificate Signing (CS) from DigiCert, eMigrateSecure™ guarantees that all data remains encrypted during transit and at rest. This robust security framework protects against potential breaches and vulnerabilities.

Minimal Downtime

We prioritize operational continuity. Our solution ensures that the migration process causes minimal to no disruption, facilitating a seamless transition experience. Our auto-update support feature ensures your data is fully migrated without hindering daily operations.

Customization and Scalability

eMigrateSecure™ offers customizable migration plans to accommodate your organization’s unique needs. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, our solutions — Standard, Plus, and Enterprise editions — provide the flexibility and scalability required throughout the migration process.

Manage & Protect
Microsoft Teams

By automating the tasks of reviewing and auditing members of your teams.

Enhance Microsoft
Teams Security

With attestation policies and ongoing compliance with an easy-to-use governance interface.

Instate Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management

To avoid uncontrolled sprawls and disorganization that hinders productivity.

Business Insights Action
on Your Teams

By getting you answers to important metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions.