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About EnterprizID

Elevate your digital transformation journey with EnterprizID, a provider of cloud-based tools that enhance customer productivity in cybersecurity and analytics. Our commitment to innovation propels your business forward, streamlining operations while bolstering digital security. What sets EnterprizID apart is our blend of security, stringent compliance, seamless integration and customer outcome focused, making us the trusted partner for enterprises globally.

Introducing eMigrateSecure™️: Execute your data migration with our cloud-based tool, designed to ensure a secure and efficient transition of identity management data from on-prem to the cloud or to your private cloud. Supported by our exceptional services, eMigrateSecure™️ comes in three tailored editions: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Discover the ideal eMigrateSecure solution by contacting us at sales@enterprizid.com.

Discover EnterprizID ezTeam: Enhance your Microsoft Teams productivity with our strategic tool, offering advanced IT automation and lifecycle management. This solution ensures a secure, compliant, and well-governed Microsoft Teams environment. With EnterprizID ezTeam, experience flexible administration and management capabilities that are quick to deploy and easy to use, empowering your business users and IT teams.

Based in the dynamic city of Austin, Texas, USA, EnterprizID operates globally as a privately held company. Contact us at sales@enterprizid.com to embark on a transformative journey with EnterprizID’s suite of cloud-based solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Technology that focuses on successful customer outcomes.
  • Dedicated and experienced experts focused on your success.
  • Proven track record with enterprise clients globally
Embark on a transformative journey with EnterprizID’s suite of cloud-based solutions. Contact us at sales@enterprizid.com and let us help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

Our Leadership Team

Terry Ferose

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Quartararo

VP of Human Resources & Operations

Mark Ruwoldt

VP Sales, APAC

Brooke Gillespie

Chief Financial Officer

Will Mitchell

Co-Founder & CTO, Cybersecurity & Technology

Ward Buchanan

VP of Sales, Americas

Board & Advisors

Chris Thierry

SaaS Entrepreneur, Investor and Board Member for B2B

Bill O’Brien

CEO at Sabertec 

Larry Humphries

Information Technology, Software Industry Executive and Angel Investor

Pedro Volu

Strategic Technology Advisor | Cybersecurity